New Products: Ion & Mango and Lime

So I’ve recently got my hair dyed a red/burgundy color and I decided to share with you guys the new shampoo and products I’ve switched over to.  With my hair type, it has always loved moisture, but even more so that I have now chemically treated my virgin tresses. So same routine, different products!

  Ion Color Defense Shampoo- It give great results especially for locking in a long lasting hair color.  Inexpensive, it can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  If you use alot of other products in your hair it will complete wash it out as well as add a shine to your wet hair.

Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel- Don’t be fooled by the rastafarian, cause I surely was when my hairdresser decided to apply this to my hair.  this Gel works as a hair moisturizer that also holds styles. It works great for a twist-out. Trust me! Section and two-strand your wet hair, sit under the dryer, then viola!  It’s always great for retwisting of locs as well!

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