VH1’s 100 Hip-Hop Songs

I was so happy to flip to VH1 after a long day, to find all of my favorite hip-hop artists of all times on the Top 100 Hip-Hop countdowns.  I stood up on my bed and recited lyrics to Chubb Rock “Treat em Right”  and Blackstar “Definitions. And then I started to do the bankhead bounce and tootsie roll to 2 Live Crew “Me so Horny” and YoYo “Cant play with my Yo-Yo”…let’s not forget my all-time favorite A Tribe Called Quest..no need to be specific!

mclyte.jpg image by suharOne

I was exposed at a very young age in the 80’s to Hip-Hop Culture through my dad.  He was a DJ on the side, and used to play all types of music of that would blasting through our little house in Oakland, ca.  From old school raggae and hip-hop and even oldies, the music seeped into my soul and became apart of me.  I feel like that was when music was REAL.  The messages that artists were sending to their friends were not just “LOL smiley face” but something that you can relate to, whether you were a mother with 5 kids on welfare, or a college student trying to make something out of yourself.  I sometimes wish I was the age I am in the 80′ and early 90’s, that when music was the best reflection of the hip-hop culture! 

Here’s voter’s top 10 choice by artist/title

01 Public Enemy / “Fight The Power”
02 Sugarhill Gang / “Rapper’s Delight”
03 Dr. Dre / “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang”
04 Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith/ “Walk This Way”
05 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five / “The Message”
06 N.W.A. / “Straight Outta Compton”
07 Notorious B.I.G. / “Juicy”
08 Snoop Doggy Dogg / “Gin and Juice”
09 Salt-N-Pepa / “Push It”
10 Kurtis Blow / “The Breaks”

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