Come on Mo, A Talk Show?!

I tried to give Mo’Nique  a chance with this one, but I couldn’t continue to allow my earsdrums to hear the ratchett sounds on my TV. LOL

Okay, let’s be honest here. I love Mo’Nique for many reasons; she is very confident black woman that embraces beauty in aspects.  I find her a role model to many full figured women, giving us hope in the Entertainment Industry. But…there is always a but.  I do  NOT feel that she should’ve been given a talk show. A comedy show maybe, but not a talkshow on BET that can be aired for all of “White America” to see.

For so long we have tried to break away from the stereotypical image of the “blackface” in Hollywood and I feel that she is not helping with it.  All the yelling and screaming and loud noises is okay for excitement, but you can’t be sitting at an interview yelling and carrying on, whatever happened to holding a decent conversation?  I honestly don’t think she can do that. It’s not about being funny, its about knowing when to control yourself in certain situations like a TALK SHOW.

I don’t know if you noticed but BET has really been following these stereotypical images of black women, you would never see Oprah on BET, Ever. I honestly don’t think BET has enough revenue to house a women like her. But more importantly, I have been shaking my head all week at Mo’Nique, just hoping that she will turn her act around or at least turn that microphone down so she doesnt blow America away.

2 thoughts on “Come on Mo, A Talk Show?!

  1. Kim says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! I have tried to give Mo a chance, but I just cannot take it. She is loud, overbearing, attitudal and just plain “niggerish”. She needs to realize she is on TV — not in the club, not on tour, or on the radio. She is trying to be accepted into folks homes and houses every night. She really needs to calm down and let that “Ray-Ray ‘nem” mentality go.

    The couple of times I’ve tried to watch, she totally took over the conversation; her poor guest could barely get a word in edgewise. There also needs to be 3 second delay in place to bleep out the cussing she’s prone to do. Personally, I do not want to hear all that at the end of the day, by someone I’m trying to support.

    Mo is and always will be my girl. However, unless she slows her roll and reigns in her “big” personality, she will be back in the comedey clubs and on tour from now on. The show is a good idea, and Mo could be a perfect fit. But if she doesn’t change or improve her hosting skills and techniques; curb her enthusiasm, stop all that hollering and screaming — we (and she) will never know.

  2. RECEE PEETE says:


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