Kink Curly Curling Custard

I discovered this product last year during my transitions stage, I believe my hair was an inch or so and I wanted to do something with my hair.  It wasnt working with just the wash and go, and there was perm still left on my ends.  I was on youtube one day, and came across millions of videos on “Kinky Curly Curling Custard”.



Don’t fret.  This is not a jerry-curl activating solution you can find at your local beauty supply.  The asians arent allowed to carry these natural hair producats.  This bottle is about $25 dollars and you can find it online. I’ts a good investment though, trust me.

You are to wash your hair and condition it then when its soaking wet, you apply the custard to your hair and finger it through. After that, you let it air dry for the time being and voila! Managable curls you never knew you had.

I love DC 057

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