Gold Teeth, Cheap Clothes, and “Short Nappy Hair”

So once I thought Black History Month ended on a good note, I happen to come across some disturbing news that happened in California at UC San Diego.  A White Fraternity thought it would be funny to mock Black History Month by hosting an event called “Compton Cookout” where they would dress up as the many deragatory stereotypes of African Americans, hold up! It doesn’t stop there, they even posted the event on facebook and painted their faces brown.

I am not suprised that they would try to get away with this, the UCSD is 14% black and most of the students are predominately white and have no idea nor do they embrace themselves in African-American culture.  I feel that racism is still prevelant and its at its highest especially being that OUR president is now black.  The most hated race in America is the black race, period.  So many may find it suprising, but I’m not at all.  My brother who attends UC Berkeley which is one of the UC’s known for their protesting, had one today in honor of this ridiculous issue, called THE BLACKOUT.  I wish I was there to witness this because it’s not over.

Black students at UC Berkeley protest racist acts at UCSD Monday.

(Photo Contributed)

Just think, if the circumstances of the black race were flipped, white people would not being having it.  What actions should UCSD take? We will soon find out.  But there is NOTHING that will make these kinds of ignorant people understand their wrong doing.

I dont even want to say anymore…Signing off.