You Want to Go Natural?

I have been getting alot of questions and comments about going natural and I always ask first, what do YOU want to do?  I chopped all of my hair off 2 years ago and started from scratch but there are other ways of riding yourself from the toxins and chemicals to bring back your natural glow.  My question this week is which would you prefer: Transitioning or The Big Chop?

What is transitioning? Getting rid of all those chemicals, stopping the creamy crack nursing your hair back to natural health slowly, without chopping it all off.

Afro Chic’s Testimony: Going Natural

It was not a choice… First. 

I got my first REAL relaxer when I was in the 8th grade and it was maintained pretty well until I entered my first year of high school.   I had to take a swimming class so my intentions were just to get cornrows for those few weeks than take it out and be back to my long hair don’t care! NOT!  The chlorine had eaten away my hair and soon broke it off and it never looked the same again.  I had to wear braids and twisties and natural styles just to nurse it back to some kind of health.  It became healthier and managable my senior year and this is what it looked like. . .

 (before Senior Pictures)

When I first came to Hampton University in 2006, I tried to do a press and curl/flat iron for a few weeks but that humidity was not gone fly.  I came in rockin braids but when it was time to take it out I had to make a decision that changed my whole life.  I got my first relaxer.  I soon grew accustomed to the typical HU lifestyle and got weaves and completely forgot about getting touch ups or going to the hair salon frequently.  By the end of my sophomore year I had fried and weaved up every little bit of the hair I had, so much that it became to fall out.  It wasn’t until I gotten to my hairstylist back home who told me that I should cut it off.  In order for it to be healthy again I need to cut off the remainding perm.  I didn’t have a month to think about it, it was just GONE. There was only two inches of hair on my head and I burst into tears.  I left the hair salon and made my bestfriend go with me to Eastmont mall and I bought the ghetto-ist wig in the world and put it on my head. LOL  This is what I looked like after my big chop…

That summer before Junior year 2007 was the most liberating experience I had ever had.  All those stories you hear about a woman chopping off their hair and starting over is SO TRUE.  I had learned to love myself and the skin that I was in.  I would like to thank, Karen from Class of Braids, for giving me so much advice on how to look beautiful with the hair that I was naturally born with.  It took some time to getting used to; I definitely rocked braids that summer but when I came back for my junior year I never felt happier with my life.  I had vowed to never treat my hair like that again and to also share my experiences and advice that I had learned that summer with my fellow sistas.  After two years, two inches, and no creamy crack this is what I look like now 🙂

 (May 2009)

 (March 2010)