Today in “Angry Black Women World”. . .

Ever since 2010, we have hit a reoccurring theme that depicts and highlight the Angry Black Women Complex.  The media has done a horrific job at putting black women under a magnifying glass to portray them in TV shows, movies, and even music videos for over decades now.  The media has become masterminds at telling the whole world o the whole idea of black women being acceptable only if you shut up and shake your ass in the background of some music video then everything will be okay.  Just like in my previous post with Chad OchoCinco, it still don’t find it hard to believe that Slim Thug, Texas Rapper, would find would continue this black woman bashing epidemic.  He goes to say in an interview with Vibe Magazine all his reasons for why he doesn’t like black women.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Brothas you have to do better on how you present it to the public.  This isn’t barbershop talk where you can say whatever you like and only way people will know is through hear say.  Brothas should already know that we are sensitive about how badly our name has been portrayed so take it into consideration that if you want to get a point across, think about it and word it in a less ignorant manner.  Slim Thug may a few reasonable points but look at what he surrounds himself with.  He’s yet another product of his environment, I feel sorry for him that he can only base his judgments off his surroundings and what comes his way.  What about the entrepreneurs, lawyers, Executives, and CEO’s.  Black women all over the nation can NOT and WILL not be categorized into these selfish antiques.  Brothas like Slim Thug are the problem; it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  If you demand a certain entity in your women, generalize it for yourself, not all black women are what you want them to be, no women of any race for that matter.  So Slim Thug, You want a submissive and passive woman that will cook you dinner with ducktape on her mouth every night, to call your own? I am pretty sure you will find it but it isn’t me.


Afro Chic.

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