Life is Living Oakland: A Free Celebration of Urban Life (Oct. 8)

It’s that time of year again for the annual festival and celebration of Urban life through Hip Hop, intergenerational health, and Environmental Action.  I had a chance last year to participate with my internship Bay Localize so this is definitely an event you wouldn’t want to miss.  A few crowd pleasers like Quest Love and Bay Area’s own Ryan Nicole will grace the stage as well as exhibits from urban gardening to HIV testing, visual and hood games. See you next week, Sunday October 8th from 11- 6 pm @ Defremery Park in West Oakland 🙂


Review: Best of the Bay 2010 Party

East Bay Express hosted its yearly “Best of The Bay” 2010 East Bay edition festival along the Jack London Square waterfront in Oakland, Ca. on August 6, 2010. For those of you unfamiliar of the Best of the Bay, every year the Bay Area readers and editorials vote on the best everything, from Restaurants to small business, and even nightlife and wineries.

This year there were over 71,000 voters that produced this year’s “2010 Best of the BayList”. It was the perfect Friday evening for over 15,000 Oaklanders to enjoy ethnic foods and a variety of activities that presented the best of the East Bay. Attendees gathered on this Friday night to view live painting and graffiti art galleries, Dance Competitions, fencing, and Blues bands to entertain the eclectic crowd who came out to support the Best of the Bay. Oakland’s own, Goapole made an appearance as one of the judges for the B-Boy contest that accumulated this biggest crowd at the main stage that I was unable to see for myself with my tippy toes.

The best part of the festival were the many food vendors.  The festival brought you different types of the best ethnic foods such as Mexican, African, Jewish, and even soul food Vegan, which gives our Bay Area taste some diversity. From 5-11 p.m I was able to enjoy live bands and interactive music that was sponsored by Amoeba Music and the Bay Area Blues Society. Oakland showed love and showed out for this successful event. If you missed it, better come out next time!

For more information on the winners of the Best Of the Bay 2010 Visit:

Love the Earth.

Thursday marks national “Earth Day” and my hometown Oakland, California are making sure they have thier full participation.  I was curious as to what was going on in my own communities back home so I searched the internet and came across….”Love Yo Mama” 2nd anual Earth Day event put on by ACORN and Tassaforanga recreation center of East Oakland.  The event will take place that weekend with live entertaintment like dummers, dancers, visuals, scraper bikes, and information on enviornmental issues.

I think this is great that Oakland has been trying to clean up the streets not just physically but figuratively.  I come home each summer to find more healthier and enviornmental savvy places.  Living out in Virginia these fools don’t even recycle. I grew up on putting the plasic bottles in the grey bin and the composte in the green bin so coming out here was a drastic change for me. 

I do appreciate how the campus I live on is contributing to “Earth Day” this week with their theme “GO GREEN” as well as the many commercials on the tv about our planet. I guess all I ask is that you throw your trash and think twice about wanting to save our planet 🙂