Young, Pregnant, and on the Cover of Teen Vogue?



British Model Jourdan Dunn (left) and her collegue Chanel Iman are working this new cover of the November issue in many ways possible.  Not only are they black, but Jourdan is PREGNANT.  This is a pretty big deal because they are two very successful black women to be able to share the cover of a teen magazine.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with being on the cover pregnant because on her very slender body, Jourdan doesn’t show that much.  The editors must really wanted them on the cover of the November issue really bad to bypass the fact that she is a young, single, and pregant model.  I commend Teen Vogue for their Bold move, keep it up let’s keep this world going.

p.s. Jourdan is 19 years old and expecting to give birth in December