Who said Big Bras Cant be Sexy?!

Every since I could remember I’ve had fairly large breasts, and I would always struggle with finding the right bra that would fit right. It wasnt until High School I began to invest in bras because I didnt want to walk around looking like GRANDMA!  The bras in walmart and target are NOT SEXY! and if you are a DD or above your selection is limited to the factory sizes.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite bras that I wear on a regular basis and for special ocassions 😉

Let’s Begin!


I absolutely love freya bras, they are my favorite because they are full of colors and of course they cater to bigger cup sizes! You can find these at Nordstroms or on the Freya website.


I have this classic bra called “Millie” in black, tan, and pink! It can be worn under a t-shirt or you can dress it up as well. I also like how if for some reason it peaks through your shirt the oopsy will be sexy!

If you are trying to feel your sexy this is the bra! I have one in white with pink lace trim and trust me it works magic!


Now theses are  sturdy bras that I like to wear when I want the most support and to minimize them as well.  They range from $75-95

Here are some Helpful Sites for you to go to to find your perfect Bra: