The “Bionic” Christina

There were so many albums and mixtapes that came out and I reviewed all of them but I really wanted to tell you guys about christina Aguilera’s new ablum “Bionic” which just released in stores today.  Back in the day I was a fan of Christina because she seemed so edgy and rebellious not to mention her vocals were up there, so soulful and powerful.  Now its years later and she has the same vibe but a different approach to her music.  While trying to keep up with the latest trends and originality I think this diva has found her niche.  You can’t compare her with Lady Gaga, please don’t cause Christina’s platform in music is way more respected to even compare the two.

This album reminds me of a girls night out, pajama party, or just wanting to have a good time.  The song “I Hate Boys” is playful anthem that really brings her vocals out and the anger of how much drama men put us through, just kidding.  “Sex For Breakfast” slows it down and gives you a very sensual and R&B vibe, the lyrics are metaphoric to emotions that a woman could be feeling.  The old school comes out of Christina when she sings “Prima Donna”. I love this term because it was my mom who would always call my girls and I this when we would tell her about how we live that rockstar lifestyle.  I love Christina for coming back in the game after her break to live a normal life, she’s one of the most talented and I really don’t see her moving to one of those celebrity slumps any longer.  So Afro Chic says go cop BIONIC!