Choklate- Overdose feat. Drake

Recently released track by Choklate entitled “Overdose” I love it and it’s not because Drake was on it but because her voice so smooth and it’s lyrically fitting for the perfect love atmosphere. Choklate is  Seattle based singer/songwriter that has been in the game since 2006 where she released two albums and obviously in the works for another masterpiece.  Look out for here!

Oh and I love her earliest single, “Grown Folks” check out here video with a suprising lead face! Ow!

Steph Jones- B E A utiful

Steph Jones has the potential to being a pop artist with this song “Beautiful” which is on his upcomping album “Imperfect Me” with his cover looking quite interesting.  He says the faces are blurred because he wants you to picture yourself next to him, kind of like relating to his music in your own way, pretty cool huh?  Download his song “Beautiful”,  it has a cute ring to it and I always enjoy music that uplift women.

download link—->