The Afro Chic Favorites: Summer Beauty Things ’11

I’ve decided to share with you guys my favorite all things beauty.  Well, not all just 10 things that I can’t live without when it comes to hair, makeup, and beauty products.  I get asked a lot about my regimens, what products I use, and how I do my hair and it always amazes me that people find insight in my everyday musings.  I’m honestly writing this right now looking a hot mess but don’t get me wrong these products work.  So here are my top 5 products that I live by, where I get them from, and how I use them. Enjoy!

Avon’s Kiss Therapy- Sheer Rose

Avon’s Kiss Therapy and I met sophomore year of college and I LOVE this on my lips.  Here’s the problem, I hunt these like a lion in Africa because they are discontinued through the catalog.  However, Ebay’ers have them for reasonable price of $6 min. bid.  So it’s a real vintage find that I like to collect.  I’ll be sad when I can no longer find them online 😦

Victoria Secret Dream Angels- Heavenly Flowers Perfume

This is my everyday scent.  Discovered it one day with my best friend in Vegas and I love it.  It’s a very fresh, yet romantic smell that doesn’t over do it when you spray it all over your body.  It’s about $12 at Victoria Secret stores and it comes with a set.  I like to catch the big sales so I bought it separately.  So yes, Reesa smells like flowers.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects- Nail Polish Strips

Raise your hand if your manicures only last 2 days! That’s me.  When I stumbled across Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips I was reluctant because I didn’t want to go back to elementary with the press on nails BUT it’s far from it.  It’s really easy to do and comes in 63 different colors and prints.  I run through a manicure in literally a day and these lasted two weeks without a scratch, HOLLER!  You can get them for about $7 each at drugstores but I recommend you snag a coupon from your Sunday paper and get that deal.

Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer Spray

I live by this moisturizing spray.  For all you naturals out there trying to maintain a beautiful curly mane, this is it.  I use it once a day before I style my hair right when I get out the shower and it locks in the moisture and keeps your hairs nice and soft all day long.  it’s about $7 at select beauty supply stores.  It’s a great staple to add to your collection of hair products if you live in an area that’s very drying.  The Bay Area lacks humidity that my hair loves so I like to call it my “summer in a bottle”. Don’t ask.

Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade

You are never to young to lay those baby hairs down and this is why the Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade is my favorite.  It’s a very light pomade that lays your hair down no matter your texture.  I like to use this when I do my blow outs where my hair is straighter.  It holds my frizzy edges down nicely. It’s a pricey $15 but it’s worth it.

MAC Surf Bronzer Collection- Glitzy Bronze

I like to wear blush on my cheeks but this summer I came across this MAC bronzer “Glitzy Bronze” and I love it.  Especially after a long day in the sun, it really makes your skin pop when you go out for a night out on the town.  I apply it with a small blush brush ( made this up) and smooth it over my cheeks, nose, and temples.  Definitely helps with my radiant glow.

So there you have it! Just a few things that I have been using all summer.  If you like to share with me your daily products please do so in the comment box below.  I would love feedback and new ideas!