Obama Poster Causes Uproar


This sign is of our President Barack Obama depicted as the Joker from the movie “Batman”.  This large sign hangs from Club Velvet in Shockroe Bottom which is located near Virginia Commonwealth University and the community is reacting to it. But who wouldnt?

I was really shocked when watching the 10 O’clock news and people were talking about how it is not racist and its not offending anyone; of course the NAACP retalliated and had a protest today in front of the club saying that it was racist and even community leaders are investigating the situation further.  There has to be a racist reason why some random club in a college area would want to put up a poster of our President like that. I mean we did some crazy things with Bush but come on, I feel that they are just a bunch of hick, kkk, haters that want attention.

If I had a say on this situation I would have them take it down because, first of all, it is billboard sized, and everyone has a freedom of speech but it should not be as big as a billboard, that’s just ignorant. And,  Obama is not similar to the Joker in any way shape of form.  He is not greedy and sneaky, nor is he trying to take over the world, we all know he is trying to SAVE IT!

What do you think?