WebMD Food For Healthy Hair: The Afro Chic Remix

I was doing some research on ways to keep my hair healthy and came across an article on WebMD entitled “Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair”. I’m not sure how accurate this list is but I do incorporate these certain foods in my diet that has in fact played an important role to my hair, surprisingly.

WebMD’s Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair Remixed

  1. Salmon – I eat Salmon at least once, maybe twice a week
  2. Dark Green Vegetables-  The oils are supposed to help produce your body’s natural conditioner
  3. Beans- Yes the poop food, Kidney beans and lentils are a good source of protein and can promote growth
  4. Nuts- The vitamins in these bad boys are to help with hair loss
  5. Poultry- Chicken is clearly in my diet so not to worry, more protein!!!
  6. Eggs- Protein baby!
  7. Oysters- gross, but if you are seafood lover I’d try it!
  8. Low-Fat Dairy Products- The calcium in your glass of milk can help with not only bones but hair growth
  9. Carrots- The vitamin A helps with vision and scalp, I eat them like crazy because I’m blind as a bat

Whether you believe this or not, it is important to be aware with what you put in your mouth because it could affect you hair and skin tremendously. I’ve taken biotin 1000mg and it’s okay, but I don’t like to rely on swallowing pills when I can start changing my diet to benefit my skin and hair. I don’t know about you but a McDouble is not going to be your best bet to that long curly hair you’ve dreamed of.

More for your curl: Mizani True Textures

Mizani hair products have been used on my hair in salons in the south and I have been extremely happy with the results when my hair was chemically processed.  Their new line “True Textures” are now for naturally curly hair styles.  They have been advertised in Essence Magazine for Mizani’s Curl Community on www.essence.com I love their holding spray but the products that stood out to me were Mizani’s true textures Moisture Stretch Curling Cream and Perfect Curl Spray

This cream is good for the tight curl pattern, It really doesnt build and lock in moisture so you don’t walk around with a dry fro.

I havent tried this but I’m curious to know how it is on looser curl textures.  Everyone’s hair is different so try them out and tell me what you think!