If God is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise: Spike Lee Documentary

Photo Courtesy of HBO

Last night I watched the HBO Spike Lee documentary “If God is willing and da Creek Don’t Rise” which is the The LeveesSequel about the devastating natural disaster called Hurricane Katrina.  The news did somewhat of a good job at highlights the aftermath but Spike Lee took it into his own hands to get the voice out that New Orleans is still going through a struggle and the aftermath is nothing short of a progression.  Through interviews with local and former residents I was able to capture the anger and disappointment that has affected them since Katrina.

I find Spike Lee to be phenomenal at projecting a message through spoken word, psychological analysis, and different angles of the camera.  I was able to see footage of happiness, disperse, regret and even darkness from the New Orleans communities.  I’ve studied his films so I know that when he does a documentary he makes sure to leave you pondering your thoughts and rebirthing your revolutionary mind.

Two years after the hurricane hit, I was able to travel with my school in helping to rebuild and bring life back to New Orleans.  Never in my life did I find myself in such devastation when they were demolishing the projects and building housing that was not fit for the community.  Spike Lee covers many issues in this two-part sequel, which airs again tonight at 9pm (PST) on HBO.  There are many issues that have been brushed under the rug or are still ongoing and I feel that he does a great job at giving you visuals of the aftermath of this disaster.  We are vastly approaching the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and progress is being made but not enough.  I am currently working with Bay Localize on ways to uplift this issue and I’m sure that you can do your part too.  So check out the second part if you haven’t already and educate yourself with the cold facts and the effects on Hurricane Katrina.