Black Girls Do Hike

A couple of weeks ago my hiking buddy Ashley and I got this bright idea to trying different hiking trails in the bay area.  After much contemplation and seeing photos from my Facebook friends we decided that we try to hike Mission Peak in Fremont, Ca.

Mission Peak is a 1500 ft climb up a STEEP dirt trail that is categorized for moderate to easy hikers. The view is so breath-taking that you can’t resist taking multiple breaks to catch your breath overlooking the south bay.   Hiking is a great exercise alternative to the regular gym routine and it works EVERY muscle in your body.  That day I saw different kinds of people; from kids, babies in strollers, big and small, all with one goal to make it to the peak.

If you are local and plan to do this hike I recommend you bring two bottles of water, something to snack on mid-way there, and of course your camera to take pictures of your victory.  Wait, did I mention it was HOT?! So start the early to avoid heat exhaustion. I plan to do this hike next month and actually take a picture at the peak pole. I’m hoping to bring a long other black girls (and guys) so we can add a bit more color to the trails and show the world that not only do we workout, but black girls HIKE!

City Gym Boys Fight Obesity

(shout-outs to Elise for introducing me to the “City Gym Boys”)

….Ladies and believe it or not Gentlemen, introducing to you…..” City Gym Boys”

City Gym Boys is not just eye-candy, but they actually have a cause for looking this good.  “City Gym Boys” is a company of natural bodybuilders from the inner-city that are dedicated to mentoring young men and women to be healthy and stay fit.  Founded in New York City by Charles La Salle, their mission is to help eliminate the on-set of obesity in the African-American and Latino communities.  The team is made up of different ethnic backgrounds like jamaican, ghanian, cuban, African-American, and Puerto-Rican.  “City Gym Boys” have made appearances on 106 & Park, Style TV, made live appearance on college tours, and provide personal training at many Boys and Girls Clubs around the world.

I don’t know about you, but this group will make anyone want to get off the couch, turn off the TV and head to the gym.

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