Hair Spotter: Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes

Lead singer of the Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa caught my eye with her powerful outspoken mane. This Indie Punk-Rock Artists, is a English native of Zimbabwen descent. With a focus on making the soundtrack of her life, Shingai was featured in magazines like Rolling Stone and the New Yorker as one of the leading artists of the International music industry. With songs like “Scratch Your Name” and “Never Forget You”, the Noisettes have become the forefront of the new punk rock today. I love the fact that the leading singer uses Kinky Curly products just as I, realizing that no matter what nationality or how much fame you’ve aquired we all share the greatness of our naturality 🙂

Here you can see her naturality in action with last year’s video “Dont Upset The Rythmn (Go Baby Go)”

#MusicMonday Esperanza Spalding

I spot natural hair anywhere, even on the BET awards.  Esperanza Spalding was given a segment during the Prince tribute and it blew me away, not to mention her volumnous afro.  Esperanza Spalding is a bassist, vocalist, and composer with a very jazzy contemporay sound that shows pure talent and grace from her lips and fingertips.  I happen to find her voice one of the timeless most international sounds yet.  This aspiring artist grew up in Portland, Oregon where she became bilingual and enhanced her passion for music throughout the years.   After attending Berklee College of Music, Esperanza  released her first debut album in 2008 entitled “Esperanza”.  Look out for her, cause I know I am!

Check out her song “I adore You” talk about amazing, hope u like 🙂