And Valentine’s Day Weekend Begins. . .

Although is supposed to be a special day to share your love for one another it also makes all the single people in the world aware that they are actually SINGLE lol. In honor of that I decided to plan a girls day and go for brunch with my this weekend with my single friends.  I am not down for the sulking and depression that these commercialized holidays cause my fellow peers so I’m going to get out there and enjoy myself and share the love with my friends and family.  With that said, check out this new mixtape that just dropped “Single Awareness Day 3”, I came across on

This compilation is not full of your depressed love songs and will not leave you with a terrible reminder as to why you are single.  I’m all for Valentine’s day, but we all have to remember that you should share your appreciation for you friends, family, co-workers, teachers, mentors, or just anyone that has effected you in a positive way.  I may not get a Valentine this year, and I may not find the love of my life but I will continue to spread my love for all.

So for ladies and gents, get out there and spread LOVE 🙂

Download Here: Singles Awareness Day 3 [S.A.D #3: The Mix Compilation]