African Jewelry x Anita Quansah Inspired

I absolutely love the accessory line from African Fashion designer, Anita Quansah.  The chunky neck jewelry that are African inspired are definitely what’s hot right now.  Anita is a textile designer that specialized in 3-dimensional fabrics and accessories.  If you notice, they are all nature inspired which really makes her stand out as an artist.

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Afro Chic’s Pick: Africa Fashion Week Designers

While viewing the previews for Africa Fashion Week (June 30- July 3 2010), I came across some African Designers that really match my fly.  Chichia London is a East African designer who grew up in London that designs pieces for the daring, baby doll, and edgy girls.  Her pieces range from tunics, dresses, cover ups, and swimwear. Her influences derive from her native land as well as London giving it a funky street feel that can hit runways all over.

Spero Villioti is a Greek and Italian South African (if that makes any sense) pretty much a really cool white guy that had some very elegant evening pieces that I wanted to share with you.  He is amazing in the sense of keeping the African feel but with a more modern and European look that we all wear today.

Last but not least my favorite, Gloria Wavawunno of Uganda.  She specializing in cocktail dresses and evening wear and I was the most excited with her because her clothes are so eclectic and different.  Using feather and unusual walk of nature i I had a millions bucks I’d be sure to put her pieces in my wardrobe.