Sade feat. Jay Z x Moon and the Sky (Remix)

Jay Z kicked off the weekend a new website and remix to Moon and the Sky by Sade.  I’m sure everyone finds this collaboration interesting but I am far from shocked that the lovely Sade would do a project with Jay Z.  Two different genres of music collaborating is quite the trend these days.  I don’t know about you but I have to be in a “Sade” mood to really get into this, so I may revisit it later this week while I’m in deep meditation or something.  In the mean time, what do you guys think?


p.s. Her album “The Ultimate Collection” is set to drop May 3rd and she’s touring this summer. wooohooo!

Tour Pit Stop: Whole Wheat Bread Rocks Oakland

I’ve been attending a lot of shows lately, and I always find the opening acts either long and drawn out or just over the top interesting (Almost better than the headliner) So anyways, Murs performed last night at New Parish in Oakland and he brought a long a dope black punk rock band called Whole Wheat Bread.  They came all the way from Jacksonville, Fla. to rock out with a bunch of Oakland folks and it was well receptive.   I’ve been looking for bands around the bay area to check out so this was a refreshing escape from the usual hip hop or R&B crowd that I was used to.

Whole Wheat Bread was formed in 2003 with Aaron Abraham on the vocals and guitar and Nicolas Largen on the bass and his brother Joseph played the drums. They released their first album Minority Rules in 2005 with Fighting Records and have been on tour all over the world ever since. With connections to Fall Out Boy and Yellowcard they are continuing to remain on the scene but have dominated underground punk rock music. Not only are they punk rock but also crunk and has done work with Lil’ Jon producing covers from his popular hits like “Never Scared”. They are featured on Afro Punk’s site for an interview from the 2008 festival.  I’m diggin these brothas from the south. How about you?


Bay Area: Naturals Night Out x Hosted by Natural Selection

I was so excited when my girl Dania (@fluffyjo) told me that there was going to be a Natural hair meet up in Oakland this weekend. “Naturals Night Out” is hosted by Natural Selection and will take place Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at Head Designs Hair Salon. Starting at 7 pm, natural from all over will gather for evening of fun, music, and advice for top hair stylists specializing in natural hair. There will be champagne, there will be giveaways, and even demonstrations. This event is sponsored by Komaza Care Products and I think this is dope and I’ve always wanted to go to a meet up so why not come and network with similar individuals like yourself.

For more DEETS on how you can be apart of this fabulous night please visit Natural Selection Blog

Registration is $25 and it includes lots of goodies you can take home. So share this event with your friends!

Spring Movements x Ode to the Middle East

This needs no introduction because I reckon you have been following what’s been happening in the Middle East and East Africa. Check out this video paying tribute to the fight for democracy by using their freed of expression and body movement. I am so proud of the young people coming together in those countries and fighting for what is right. If only Americans can do the same. . . .Tell me what you think of the video and share your thoughts.