For my chics in Transition. . .

Lately I’ve noticed some young ladies having a hard time with their hair. I get comments like “I dont wanna get a perm” but then they try to rock a style with their own hair even though they know their hair can’t possibly do all of that.  My theory is there is NO need to fry your hair to shreds (especially if your hair is not healthy enough) just to achieve a hairstyle that can be instantly done in minutes.  And you wonder how can that be?  WIGS!  Don’t shy away from this subject because you will soon find out how left out you are and how man women walk around today with wigs on their head; including stars like Beyonce.  So if you find yourself in a rutt don’t resort to the creamy crack just yet, a nice hair piece or wig can bring you back from the grave and hide your transitional hair until you learn to manage it. 

I have puchased two wigs by Equal brandname….

The curly


and the Straight. (no personal pic yet)

Some days you just have to let your own hair rest…so instead of everyone seeing your bad hair day, just pop on your instant fab!