Does Reggie Exemplify Black Love?

Essence Magazine has selected Reggie Bush to grace their cover of the love & relationships issue on february.  Of course sex sells, and from looking at this chocolate piece of work, who wouldnt want to pass him up on the magazine stand.  But just recently there has been alot of backlash about Reggie Bush being the perfect face of the cover of a “Black Love” issue.  With his girlfiend, Kim Kardasian being non-black it makes me wonder how he can be an example of “Black Love”?   It was his choice to not date a black woman, so it should not be fair out of all of the many successful black men for Reggie Bush to take the spotlight.  I feel that Bush doesn’t publicly show his love for his own race and black women at that so why should he be on the cover.  He looks good, but that’s about it.

What do You Think?