Continuing the Legacy “Curvy”


No, she’s not Beverly Johnson but she is her daughter, Anansa Johnson.  This beautiful woman has followed her mom’s foosteps as a supermodel, and has become a plus-size inspiration to many.  Anansa has been modeling and working for Whillemina Agency; she’s featured in Glamour magazine as well as well as curvation ads that have been distributed in Essence and Ebony.

She was spotted on the Monique show this past week right beside her mother, discussing issues of being black and plus-sized in the modeling industry but honey this woman has broken the barrier and she’s gorgeous doing it!

It’s about time we see Plus-Size

naked plus size models glamour

It was reported a month ago on AOL that the November issue of Glamour Magazine did a photoshoot on Plus-Size models.  As you can see here, there are lovely shaped women of different shades and sizes, but all representing real women.  I think its about time that they start putting real women into the spotlight. It’s nothing wrong with being plus-size, Especially since America is constently changing everyday.  This generation of women are more voluptuous and “thick” then what my parents used to be back in the 60’s or 70’s.

I’m not a big fan of Glamour magazine but I will be picking up this issue to see what writer Genevieve Field has to say about obssession with weight, fashion, and model size!