Nikki Lynette x The Strong Survive

Another Afro Punk artist that I’ve instant grown to love  is the president of Team Bad Ass, On-Air personality and Artist...Nikki Lynette. Thought I’d share with you here hit song “The Strong Survive” since she’s about to go on tour and all.  Not only are her natural locs on fire she is DOPE lyricist from Chicago has creatively accomplished her talent as a well rounded artist.  Her sound is very punk, electric, pop-rock and it keeps you movin’ and groovin’. You can instantly download her latest mixtape Guns N Roses which is pretty Bad Ass I must say so myself. For more info on her music visit her bandcamp link below and support her as an aspiring artist!

Tamar-Kali Debuts new ablum “Black Bottom”

I am a strong supporter of and the Afro Punk Culture. For those of you not familiar with this culture, just think Alternative, Hardcore Punk Rock by black artists in a community.  Up and coming artist Tamar Kali recently debuted her first album “Black Bottom” for download.  Her voice is very wholesome and timeless over the acoustic and rock instrumentals, it only makes you feel like you are powerful and dominating in every aspect of your life.  Her Bandcamp description describes this album as “a reflection of where she found herself after a particularly disheartening period.” Tamar-Kali is a Brooklyn Native that has alot of respect in the Black Punk culture.  Check out her album below and tell me what you think?