30,000 more??

Just last night President Obama ordered to send 30,000 more troops to Afganistan.  Of course this strategy drew political fire on both sides.  Republicans are doing their “I told you so” dance while democrats are feeling let down.  When will he take our soldiers out of the War? Do you realize how much money it’s going to be?

I know a few people personally that have been drafted to the Afganistan areas and it makes my body cringe to know that 30,000 more troops are going back over there.  I can’t imagine how one is feeling if they were to be enlisted. 

I am an advocate for PEACE and what move Obama just made does not support change.  Maybe he has a strategy that we can’t quite understand yet, but as a citizen I want my soldiers out of there.  There are plenty of things that America needs to take care of right here, in our own country.  Just leave the middle east be. jeesh!