Which Demographics Use Social Media?

Hey, Reesa here! I haven’t been on my blog  in months and although I have plenty of excuses, I just don’t think there is a right answer as to why I haven’t been writing. With my budding PR career and amongst the community projects I’ve picked up on, just haven’t given me the time or desire. But after I read a few comments about missing me you know I had to give ya’ll something.  So, If you insist on my real-time commentary about what’s going on in the media or local community I’d highly suggest you stalk my Instagram or twitter. (See links below)

Speaking of Twitter and Instagram …

I read a recent article on Mashable, covering the social media demographics and it really sparked my curiosity to dive into the results.  If you look below at the infographic you will see that based on the research survey by Pew Research Center, hispanics and AFRICAN AMERICANS are in the lead as the race that uses social media the most. What does this have to do with you or I? Well, if you’re a business owner, artist, journalist, or work in any industry where you’d like to take your brand to the next level I’d highly recommend you hop on the social media band wagon. Whether we like it or not, black people are the biggest consumers of all things trendy (and then some) so of course it makes sense for you to publicize your brand, cause, company, or art through social media.  Not only do I find social media entertaining, but the way it has shaped my generation (20 somethings) is pretty remarkable. I’ve seen movements in my area, met some interesting game-changers, and I feel more in tune as a (part-time) journalist. I won’t make this a tech nerd rant,  so please let me know your thoughts, how are you using social media?


One thought on “Which Demographics Use Social Media?

  1. dwillwrite says:

    Glad to see you back. I agree, social media is almost a necessary evil. I have resisted but recently started using twitter. I see in the future, I will have to rely somewhat on social media.

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