Online Petition to Ban Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas”


If you haven’t heard about the new Oxygen reality series with Shawty Lo “All My Babies’ Mamas” then you must be sleeping under a rock.  I am going to admit today, right here on this post, that I do have my share of guilty pleasures when it comes to reality shows, however, I do feel that Oxygen Media has taken it too far with this reality show that will depict stereotypes and of course give the media another reason to talk about black women and their children.

I honestly think that Oxygen Media makes their $$$ off the most ignorant stereotypes of women and a show with just a title that includes “Baby Mama” is going to get a lot of attention, whether its negative or positive and they DON’T CARE. But.. I do and hopefully you do too.   Shawty Lo should not be proud of a show like this airing his family business and issues that will more than likely make him look like a lousy father. Now, if in fact they do end up airing this in the early spring, and it’s about uplifting black women and children, providing a great example of fatherhood, and it will have a positive impact on its viewers then I will gladly take all that I said back. (…HA!)

I don’t like to see my race continue to fail so I will pass this along in hopes that you share it with your friends, family, and blog circle cause ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Sign the petition here <—–

Also, what are your thoughts on the reality series? How do you feel about the term “baby mama” used to describe these women?

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