Seph Ade x Love Acoustically (EP)

With Valentine’s day being around the corner, some may be avoiding the love in the air but I seem to embrace it.  I came across an artist out of Maryland, Seph Ade who may change your mind about this often hated holiday. After listening to his EP “Love Acoustically” I found my love for music tickled by this beautiful talent. The EP was release late December of 2010 and has been quite the buzz around the Maryland area.  Seph Ade uses his acoustically abilities and his soft voice to serenade your emotions and leave you with a feeling of desire whether you are in love or looking for it.  I thought I’d share his talent with you, in hopes to make your week worth while.

released 28 December 2010
Guitars: Seph Ade
Bass Guitars: Alvin Fisher II
Drums: William Asiedu
Recorded and Mixed by: Kevin Alexander of Freeline Music Group at WMUC Studios, College Park, MD

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