Afro Chic’s Pick: Free Your Mane Line

I was given the opportunity to try out the hair care line Free Your Mane a few weeks ago and I decided to try a few of their products for when I did my infamous blow dried hairstyle.  Free Your Mane products are designed for black hair; that means whether you wear your hair natural, straight, relaxed, or curly you will receive unique benefits. I’ve been going on interviews this month and I wanted to switch up my look and go professional so I used these products thus far: The winter kit- Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Daily Detangling Conditioner, Intensifying Hair Masque, Restorative Hair Oil, and the Conditioning Pomade.

I’ve decided to give you their info and then my interpretation and photos of each product that I used. Here we go!

The Triple Threat Winter Essentials

Free Your Mane says that they Hydrating Shampoo is  “a luxurious spa treatment for your hair. Super rich lather gently cleanses hair and scalp while natural oils help rebuild your hair’s delicate moisture balance. Free Your Mane Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo extends color life and improves chemical treatment results.” and the Detangling Shampoo is “a breakthrough “must have” for coarse, thick or unmanageable hair. Finally, here is a conditioner that magically smooths and softens frizz and edges, enhances curl definition and brings out maximum shine and vibrancy. Regular use of Free Your Mane Daily Detangling Conditioner actually extends color life and improves chemical treatment results.”

I’d have to say that two weeks of washing my hair I have noticed more shine and moisture throughout my hair. I am currently not living in the worst winter conditions this year but the cold and dry hair has put a toll on my hair.  I have also noticed a tingly feeling that I don’t get from most shampoos that leaves my hair feeling clean and shiny.  The detangling shampoo was very easy and I was able to comb through my hair without breakage or hair loss on my comb.  Here is what my hair looks like at a wet and shrunken stage from using the two products.

Hydrating Hair Masque

Free Your Mane says that the Intensifying Hair Masque was “specially developed to accelerate your hair’s repair & rejuvenation process. This unique high-performance masque miraculously seals damaged ends, eliminates frizz, smoothes edges, seals plaits and works wonders on natural or processed hair. Try it overnight for wrapping/twists, too. Weekly use extends color life and improves chemical treatment results.”

I used this the week I did my two strand twists style and as it says to try it overnight I just let it sit on my head all evening and when I went to wash my hair I noticed that my hair was not very oily and greasy which is a good thing because I hate conditioners that when left on your hair long does the opposite of what you want it to do.   I’d recommend using this deep conditioner when you plan to wear your hair in a style for awhile before washing your hair.  I’m currently enjoying my results.

Restorative Hair Oil

Free Your Mane says the Restorative Hair Oil “leaves it velvety smooth and lustrous in an instant! It revives, hydrates and detangles while protecting hair from environmental factors, heat damage and over-processing. Regular use extends color life and improves chemical treatment results. Great for extensions too.”

I believe this hair oil works best as a protectant when you apply heat to your hair.  When I blow dried my hair it left it feeling smooth and shiny and VERY straight.  Do not use too much though because like it’s name it can be oily. Here is a picture of my hair after I blow dried it. Don’t mind me I was being silly!

Conditioning Pomade

Last but not least, the pomade.  I love love love it! I just wanted to go in on the interpretation because I feel my claim is good enough.  I’ve been trying to conquer this hairstyle I love to do but I could never seem to have my hair lay down as nice as the pomade did it.  I used it on my edges to lay down my hair and keep it in place as I twisted each section. Free Your Mane says ” It is a dramatically different two-in-one styling product.  Never greasy, drying or draggy our pomade provides powerful hold for your hair while actually conditioning and polishing the most defiant frizz. Trust it to straighten, smooth and tame as well as to mold, sculpt and define shorter hair and layers. Here is how my hair looked after I styled it!

Okay so there you have it, I believe that Free Your Mane products has great potential and I love that they cater to all hair types. Free Your Mane is paraben-free for your health and includes rejuvenating Baobob Oil  from Africa,  Argan Oil from Morocco, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.  I support this line because of their charitable efforts to donate 7% of their profits back to the community 🙂

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