Afro Chic’s Pick: Bee Mine Products

Like every week I wash, condition, and style my hair so that it will look fresh and well kept but this week I decided to try new products and was given a slightly different and pleasing results.  Thanks to Bee Mine Products for sponsoring the site, I was given the opportunity to try 3 new products from the line which are 100& Organic products specializing in hair growth.  They come in sprays, conditioners, shampoos, hair butter, and more.  They smell of sweet candy and feel nice and soft on your natural or even chemical tresses. The products used on my hair were “Bee Hold Curly Butter”, “Deja’s Hair Milk”, and “Avocado cream  balanced conditioner”.

Here’s brief discriptions of each given to me by Tracey of

Bee Hold Curly Butter – It’s a very versatile product because it gives a light hold as well as moisturizes the hair.  You can use Bee Hold Curly Butter to lay down unruly hair be it natural or permed.  Use it for twists, flat twists, puffs, rod sets (permed & natural) twist & curl, etc.

Deja’s Hair Milk – Has very versatile uses in it detangles, conditions, moisturizes the hair and when used daily can be used as a daily leave in.  It has no protein so those that like the fact that it’s protein free will love the rich thick moisturizing effects of Deja’s Hair Milk.

Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner – Is a light protein and moisturizing conditioner.  Very moisturizing and does have a light protein balance that nourishes the hair without weighing it down.  Those that are protein sensitive should not use ACBC as a daily co-wash due to the fact that it does have a mild protein in it.  Those that use it have experienced a wonderful change in the condition of their hair.

I have been SO ANXIOUS to try them out so here’s how it went:

I washed my hair with my own shampoo and then used a generous amount of the Avocado balanced conditioner to devour my hair, the smell instantly took my breathe away.  After about 3 mins I rinsed my hair using a detangling comb and towel dried it.  Since my hair LOVES moisture I based my hair with the Bee Hold Curly butter before I used the product to do my twist-outs. (I also used a tiny bit of murray’s lock gel, just for extra hold).  I sat under the dryer for 30 mins.

When I woke up in the morning, I fingered through my twist outs with Deja’s Hair Milk which gave it extra shine.  Results? I cant stop touching and smelling my hair all day, not to mention the fluffy bouncy-ness (is that a word?) it gave to my walk.  I’d like to say that my hair has a mind of its own and will probably look totally different tomorrow, but I am sure I will starty using Bee Mine products if not daily but  on a monthly basis.  Thank You Bee Mine Products for making my hair look and feel GREAT!

For more information please visit their online store for testimonials, reviews, and samples!

This product has been Reesa Speaks Approved 🙂

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