W.ants W.orld W.omen- Dwele

Wants World Women

(album Review)

Dwele does it again with the three symbolic aspects of his life streaming through his album “W.ants W.orld W.omen”.  It’s a creative compilation of the three different ego of Dwele.  As I see him, rough but tightly stroked fro, cocoa skin, dark frames, a tailored jacket, and a soulful sensuous voice repeating its melodies in my ears…Now that would be how I see him, but the cover of his album that is released June 29th, illustrates more than just a bunch of songs put together, but what I like about this one is he has mixed who he is with what he knows and what you would want to hear. 

The CD represents his ego in three different stages.  As I listened to the song for the first time, I realized that the songs go in sequence of the titles.  From his world to his wants to his woman, the song “Love You Right” is a beautiful melody that there is someone out there to love you how you want to be loved.  He talks about his mistakes with women and how he promises to do better, ladies who wouldn’t want a brotha to confess that?  There are also some talented artists featured throughout the album like Raheem Devaughn with the headboard knockin’ song “Dim the Lights”, Slum Village, and even David Banner.  From his “Hangover” to “I Understand” Dwele makes sure that his voice goes in sequence with his world, Detroit minds, History meets. W.ants W.orld W.omen is yet another enjoyable album that I can add to my feels good playlist when I just want my mind, body, and spirit to feel right.

Afro Chic’s pick!

Hair Candy: Ododo Originals

I think I am in love with Etsy (online store) because I come across the cutest boutiques and it’s putting a hole in my pockets.  I thought that Ododo Originals had the cutest hair accesories.  Who wouldn’t want a flower to accentuate all those curls.  These flowers are special because they are handcrafted with beautiful beads that will match any of your outfits.  The lady is from Minnesota and she seems to be a very creative gal.

Flower Trio - Beaded Flower Bobby Pins - Ododo Originals
Flower Trio - Beaded Flower Bobby Pins - Ododo Originals
Pewter Belle - Beaded Flower Hair Clip - Ododo Originals
For more information on how you can purchase:
become a fan for exclusive deals—> http://www.facebook.com/OdodoOriginals

Full Figured Fashion Week Kicks-Off

With a little inspiration from my fellow voluptuous diva, Tara Haskins I introduce to you “Full Figured Fashion Week” where the most elite plus-size, curvy, voluptuous models, fashion designers and inspired sponsors gather RIGHT NOW in NYC for a week of fashion.  FFF Week, sponsored by Sonsi (www.sonsi.com) is hosted by plus-size model, icon, author, and founder of The Body Image Council (BIC) Emme. 

            As we all know I love to look into the up and coming designers during fashion weeks worldwide and I picked out a few of my favorites. Well Known and new to the industry, these designers make the full figured woman more beautiful then she already is.

            I absolutely love Monif Clarke of Monif C. fashion line because it represents the more glamour and diva side of me.  She specializes in contemporary clothing from swimsuits to party dresses.  I almost tried to get my sexy bathing suit for Miami from her but things didn’t quite work out, she’s elite!

"España" One Shoulder Ruffle Plus Size Swimsuit w/Detachable Strap - Red"Marilyn" Short Convertible Dress 66

            Qristyl Frazier Designs is from the designer from season 6 of Project Runway, Qristyl Frazier. Her pieces are very tasteful and neatly put together for the sassy career woman.  I find her jumpers to very sexy and appealing on full figured women.  Her designers were featured on BET Rip the Runway as well as in Essence Magazine.

Sexy Jumper

            I appreciate this 2nd annual event specifically for full figured women because I too have worked in the fashion industry through Torrid Clothing and find it such an uplifting community where woman of curves who are stylish and model-esque can come together and celebrate our fabulousity.   For more information on schedule, sponsors, tickets, and events visit www.fffweek.com

Celebrating Juneteenth

This past weekend I had an opportunity to experience a Juneteenth festival at Leimert Park in Los Angeles, California.  Among the plethora of festivals going on that weekend it was an honor to have a very cultural and historical experience in the other stomping grounds of my mother’s neighborhood.  I was able to capture a few photos that highlighted my beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Leimert Park is a black owned and influenced community in the Crenshaw district that has black owned businesses like bookstores, restaurants, and boutiques.  I love this place because it has so much culture and just by walking down one block my five senses are active as I touch, smell, feel, and see the black heritage unveiled.

            For those of you that don’t know, Juneteenth is a commemorative celebration of African American Freedom which takes place on June 19th.    It is a time of special observance that originated in Galveston, Texas in 1865.  Communities would gather and share food, guest speakers, music, and dancing.  This is a time of reflection and remembrance of all of our achievements as a people and the influence it has on our society today.  Not only is it celebrating the independence from slavery but how far African Americans have come in the U.S. and how far that they are willing to go in the future.  With the support of business, community leaders, and officials celebrating Juneteenth has been a nationwide event for 145 years and counting!

Kelly Rowland- Commander

I think I’m going through a phase just as much as all these female R&B artistswith the dance/techno music.  I find myself bobbing my head and grooving to dance music more often in the club atmosphere than usual.  Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” video ft. David Guetta is so new age and powerful.  Although she is always compared to Beyonce I think that Kelly really worked this video to make it give it her own cutting edge with the graphics, makeup, and wardrobe.  Can’t wait for the new album, I feel the diversity. What do you think?

The Anti-Rape Trap

So it’s been buzzing all over the news, thanks to CNN. The South African Doctor invented the condom to prevent rape.  Here’s the catch, the condom is inserted into the female and when the male goes to rape the girl it’s genital will get trapped by the teeth inside the condom causing severe pain.  I think this is the most craziest preventions I have ever seen and if that were me I wouldn’t want that weapon to stuck inside of me.  I do commend this doctor for wanting to stop this prevelant issue from arising in her country but I’m not sure how effective this condom may be.  It sounds too painful to think about, let alone to use.  What do you think about this new rape prevention method? 

check out the video clip from cnn here—> http://cnn.com/video/?/video/health/2010/06/21/seg.cohen.condom.teeth.cnn <—-

J. Cole- Who Dat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

J. Cole just premiered his FIRST video for “Who Dat” on his upcoming album.  I had a chance to catch him right before he blew up at HU performing all his mixtape hits and now look at him, I’m so proud he is so talented and dynamic with his lyrics, to be honest there are no other rappers I can agree with that new to the hip hop scene.  Check it out!