Did she deserve the punch?!

watch this clip, read, and give me feedback!

So I’ve been following this story on my own and being the journalist that I am have come to conclusion that this black girl might have deserved a shove but NOT a punch.  A couple of days ago a seattle officer stopped a group girls for jaywalking which is against the law.  As you saw one of the girls she began to retaliate and resisted the arrest flinging and swinging her arms all crazy like she had no home training.  The first thing I would have done was tazed her but since that wasn’t available the officer punched her clear in the face.  The NAACP have finally stepped in on this making it a racial controversy on the judgement of combative resistance.  Now, I do believe that the relationship that the black community already has is on pins and needles with law enforcement so it was definitely in his wrong doing to protect himself like that in this situation.  I think it was out of anger and possibly fear that he sucker punched her because I probably would have too but the fact that he was not BLACK stirs up the drama. But then again if the woman was white and the officer was black  I think the tables would have turned and it would in fact be a racial issue. What do you think about this controversal video?  Did this black girl deserve to be treated like that for breaking the law twice; jaywalking and resisting an arrest?

“People are denying the plight of poor people, the plight of people of color, the plight of anybody that’s different that comes in contact with law enforcement. A change needs to happen.”- NAACP

2 thoughts on “Did she deserve the punch?!

  1. anya says:

    ok i have a question… where did the girl that got punched go??? most of the video was of her friend after the fact… im really confused

    • andreanicole says:

      @anya: Someone pulled her away. close to the end of the video you see the officer telling her to stay where she was.

      I don’t think he should have punched shorty in the face, but i also dont think that she should have pushed him. That was dumb, she could have got much worse than a fist.

      either way, both were wrong. EPIC FAIL.

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