“Sex and the City 2”: The Afro Chic’s Non-Spoiler

No this is NOT a spoiler review but I will say that just like most sequels, “Sex and the City 2” has hurt my soul.  I am hoping that there is another sequel that I don’t know about or I’m going back to watching the re-runs.  It’s funny to me how Carrie Bradshaw was the same in her ways in the movie, and gets away with it.  Pretty unrealistic if you ask me.

Ladies all over the world, flooded movie theatres at exactly 12:01 a.m. with their cosmos, stilettos, dresses and girlfriends.  I stayed up all night just to be slightly dissapointed from the plot line.  But don’t get me wrong the fashion was to die for, who else lounges around their house as if they are on the runway for New York Fashion Week.  It makes me want to go shopping, Thank Goodness for Labor Day Weekend!

Overrall, If you are going to see “Sex and the City 2” for a sequel just hold out until later or don’t get your hopes up because the one that get’s the most action is Samantha Jones; all the other drama could’ve been saved in possible episode series.

One thought on ““Sex and the City 2”: The Afro Chic’s Non-Spoiler

  1. Chreesha says:

    Hello, I was DEVASTATED by this film (ha-ha). I wanted to like this movie so much and was mad. It was like the producers, director, and cast said to themselves, “what do women like, oh they like clothes, shoes and gays…never mind any hint of a plot.” I don’t want to make a spoiler in your non spoiler post, but this movie had so much potential and fell flat, except for a few glimmers of hope, it just was bad. I’ll be watching reruns for sure and if they make a part 3, I wouldn’t see if of my own free will :).

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