Avatar metaphoric to the African Diaspora

My english minor is about to kick in because after watching the movie “Avatar”.

 I started to think about the Indigenous creatures that they “sky people” were calling them were of the African Diaspora.  Yes they looked Indian with the tribal paint, and yes they also looked African with the dreaded locks and braids, but when they spoke I heard an islander accent within their language. As for the creatures, they were very tall and strong and their intelligence against the human race was phenomenal.  Using mother nature to create different connections with the ancestory also reminded me of some type of spiritual reflection.

As for the plot, I felt as if it were the “White Man” trying to take the Indigenous people’s land just like the Europeans came into Africa, and America and ruined the rich history that we must continue to sufer from now.  The only thing I did like was that the “sky people” did want to come to an understanding, become one, and trusted on the land of Avatar.  What if that was replaced with the African History?

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