December 1st

So this is your chance to be amongst the world and go out and get tested.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t become knowledgeable on this day.  It was funny waiting in line today to get tested myself, and my fellow peers walked pass the testing rooms taunting and laughing at the students who were brave and mature enough to participate in this world event.  Things like “I thought you were a virgin” and “Oh, I knew she was gonna be in line” was the ignorance that continues to lurk in the black community.  We cannot keep this “plague” on the hush any longer, if you want to keep yourself safe you have to keep yourself knowledgable.

My advice is this, knowledge is power and by getting tested for HIV/AIDs is making yourself more aware and lessoning the risk of being infected.  You may want to laugh and snicker at those in line, but just think they are going to know and you are NOT.

That is all, wrap it, strap it, and swab it when your done.

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