Hiero Day 2013 – The Black Opera + Pics

People of all races, shapes, ages, and sizes gathered in Oakland, Ca. this past weekend to celebrate Independent music, Hieroglyphics, and hip hop culture at Hiero Day 2013. It was a beautiful turn out and although who I initially came to support didn’t perform I was introduced to a group called “The Black Opera“. I had no idea who they were or what they were about until I saw their performance and I was impressed. Thanks to Erin for putting me on because I am officially a fan of this rap group.


The Black Opera first came out wearing masks and hoodies so it was very hard to see who they were if you didn’t know them before that day. That introduction forced the audience to listen to what they were saying, which I thought was genius. The masks were removed and they completed their set with theatrical interpretation, crowd interaction, all while performing songs from their projects “Libretto: of King Legend”, Overture, ย and Entermission. I don’t know much about these guys except the fact that they rep Michigan and have crazy stage presence. Here is theย Bio in their words:

The Black Opera is a collective of Artistic Freedom Fighters, who openly and fluently express Creation through Music, Visual Art and Parables of Truth. WE are The Black Opera, a cast of characters narrating OUR perception of Timeless issues and Universal subjects that connect The Past, Present and Future.

Black is not a Cultural Reference, but rather Social; WE speak, play and daydream to the sounds of OUR hip-hop born Opera, hypnotizing the Eyes and Ears of peers with Demonstrations of Advanced Artistry. Black is not an ethnic reference. Black represents the combination of ALL colors, races, creeds, ideas and concepts. WE are ONE.

Check out some flicks from the Hiero Day Experience, what a great Labor Day in Oakland!


(via @KevChoice)



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  1. dwillwrite

    Great post. It’s good to be exposed to different kinds of music and to diversify hip hop and rap.

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